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Board with activated fullcolor mode

Agile Colors for Jira Software is the answer to the demand of many people already using Jira Software to be able to completely color cards in SCRUM- and KANBAN- boards. Here are the benefits you get by using Agile Colors:

(tick) Get a quick overview with completely colored cards

(tick) Coherent design with the ability to choose individual font- and link colors

(tick) Card design overhaul:

  • improved visibility of hovered cards
  • no ugly stains below estimate numbers in cards
  • rounded corners of cards

(tick) There is one more thing: You can just use the familiar Card colour settings to change all the colors


(error) No excuses that someone overlooked a card on the board (wink)

Table of Contents

Permissions to change settings

You have to member of the group 'jira-administrators' or you have to be an admin of the specific board in order to change the Agile Colors for Jira Software settings.

Enabling / Disabling the Fullcolor Mode

To enable the Fullcolor Mode, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Go to the board you want to customize
  2. On the upper right, click on Board and then on Configure
  3. In the board settings menu on the left, choose Card colours
  4. Right below the dropdown menu to choose the coloring strategy (Jira Software core functionality) there is now a new toggle to enable or disable the Fullcolor Mode
  5. Switch the toggle to on (toggle is green and shows a hook symbol) to activate the Fullcolor Mode, or off (toggle is grey and shows an X symbol) to deactivate it for the current board

Choosing Font- and Link Colors

To choose individual font- and link colors for the description and issue links on the cards in the board view, do the following:

  1. Head over to the Card colour settings of the board you want to customize
  2. In the row of the card you want to change the settings for, click on the according color picker and choose any color you like to apply

Auto Contrast

Because not everyone is a designer at heart or has the time to play around with matching the perfect colors of fonts and links according to the cards background color, Agile Colors for Jira Software provides the Auto Contrast to automatically find colors you can still read. To use this feature you just have to do this:

  1. Head over to the Card colour settings of the board you want to customize
  2. Either select one specific row and enable the toggle in the Auto Contrast column, or click on All in the heading of the table 
  3. When you are finished deciding which cards to search matching font- and link colors for, click on Apply Auto Contrast below the table

Deletion of Settings

If you don't want to use all the settings anymore but you don't want to reset or change everything manually, you can just click on Delete All to delete all font- and link color settings, saved for the current board and coloring strategy.

If you only want to delete these settings for a single row, use the familiar Delete button at the end of the row. The row will be remove from the table and after refreshing the browser (hit F5) it will reappear with the default background color and no selected font- or link color. 

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